Boiler Repairs

Boilers are made up of varying materials, being a mix of metal, water, gas and electricity, and are a challenging mixture for boiler manufacturers and gas engineers alike.
Obviously these materials are working parts and have to withstand quite a bit of motion and wear.
Maintenance is a big part of keeping these moving well, but occasionally a part will fail to continue to operate.
A diagnostic approach is needed to locate the individual part and replace it.
We endeavour to have this done in one go, but occasionally other parts can be in operational or failing so also need changing.
Obviously if too many parts need replacing then it is no longer cost effective to repair the boiler and replacement would be a cheaper option.
If a repair is done we only use the best quality parts and will test the boiler for safety. All parts carry a manufacturer guarantee. We supply a 6 month labour warranty.

Common Boiler Problems
These are the most common faults we hear that require boiler repairs:

  • Boiler "kettling"
  • Boiler banging
  • Boiler noisy
  • No power to my boiler
  • The pressure in my boiler is low and the boiler has cut out
  • Boiler has cut out
  • Boiler is trying to start but there is no ignition or it doesn't fire up
  • I can smell gas
  • I don't have any heating or hot water
  • My heating is not working
  • My pilot light has gone out in my boiler and won't start or fire up
  • My timer isn't working

If you are experiencing any boiler problems such as these - or any others - give us a call and we'll sort it out for you.