Central Heating

In a home in the UK, as is obvious, heating is required.
The most common solution for this is Central Heating. This comes in various forms:

A Combination Boiler and Heating System

Composed of a boiler, radiators and a programmable timer as the main parts. It supplies instant hot water to the taps/shower and is supplied by the mains water from the street. The pressure to your taps/shower is governed by the pressure from the street.
No storage of hot water is needed.
The better quality and higher KW output the boiler the better the result/operating circumstances.
Pressure in the house can vary when opening up more than one tap/shower, but it’s a lifestyle change one can get used to if they want a nice strong shower experience that doesn’t run out.
The utility company have to supply water at a set pressure. If it is not enough then they are contracted to correct this. It cannot be pumped to improve this.
The better, quieter and most reliable combination boilers are Worcester Bosch CDI. Top of the range Combi.
Although, as with cars nowadays, other manufacturers produce nice boilers also, but vary in quality, quietness and price, as you can imagine.
A cheaper option is a Gloworm Boiler – part of the Vallant Group.
A budget option which works well is a MAIN Boiler.
If you require a different manufacturer we do supply other brands too – namely:

  • Worcester Bosch
  • Valliant
  • Gloworm
  • Baxi
  • Viessman
  • Potterton
  • MAIN

Conventional Heating System:

A boiler, cylinder (hot water storage tank), loft cold water storage tanks and the associated heating controls and radiators are found in many homes in the UK. Especially useful in large properties/commercial properties, and offices.
This system allows for the hot and cold water supplies to be increased in pressure by adding pumps. The comprise various parts, including electrical parts which, in the main, are made by Honeywell & Drayton.
This type of system works well with the parts accessible. Ideally a system like this requires yearly maintenance/service/replacement of parts.
Here is a diagram of this type of Central Heating System and its components.