Boiler Servicing Procedure

The following procedure is not exhaustive, manufacturers’ instructions should be followed where available or the appliance is of a specialist nature.

  • Isolate gas and electric supplies
  • Clean burners and injectors using a soft brush or small vacuum cleaner
  • Clean heat exchanger with suitable brushes, especially ensuring flue ways are free of soot, debris, etc
  • Check burner for signs of splitting, especially around burner ports
  • Check burner for signs of corrosion or leaking end-plates
  • Inspect injector(s) for evidence of damage or wear
  • Replace if necessary
  • Clean fan impeller of all dust and debris
  • Check fan for damage to impeller or wear in bearings. On a room sealed appliance,
  • Check case seal for damage or wear
  • Replace case seal if necessary
  • Check boiler casing/combustion chamber for signs of corrosion
  • Check tubes from fan to air proving switch for dust & debris. Clean if necessary.

Re-assemble boiler and check

  • Heat input and /or operating pressure (legal requirement)
  • Check all controls and safety devices for correct operation (legal requirement)
  • Check flame picture and combustion ratio if appropriate or necessary.

The majority of boiler manufacturers recommend annual servicing for boilers operating under normal conditions. Boilers operating under adverse conditions (e.g. very dirty atmosphere) may require more regular servicing.