Tips & Advice

  • Boilers require yearly servicing to keep them running in their optimum state.
  • Each heating system should have an inhibitor or water treatment each year at the correct dosage.
  • A carbon-monoxide detector is highly recommended for all houses containing a gas appliance.
  • It is beneficial to briefly turn on your heating system a few times in the summer to keep the parts from seizing up.
  • Maintenance of a heating system in the summer months will give you a better chance of an undisturbed warm period in the colder winter months.
  • Fitting a magnetic filter to the heating system can stop the boiler and system from sludging up as fast as it collects the magnetic metal particles and keeps them from entering the boiler.
  • A slow, dirty, sludge-filled heating system with older controls and a low efficiency boiler will cost you more to run. New controls and boiler and a clean system operating correctly and fast will reduce your costs in the long term. It is also safer for you and the environment.
  • To ensure the best Gas and Boiler work – in accordance with all legal requirements – make sure that your engineer is “Gas Safe” registered with Gas Safe and has a valid, up-to-date ID card.