Power Flushing


Upon installing a new boiler it is a requirement of the manufacturer that the existing heating system is clean from all sludge so that the warranty is in force. This is achieved in the main by Power Flushing of the…
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Carbon Monoxide Detectors

co detector

TYPES OF DETECTOR CO detectors are designed to warn of presence of CO and are generally available as mains electricity or battery operated devices. Although generally not recommended, spot detectors are also available. CO detectors, whether electrical/battery operated or spot…
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Tips & Advice


Boilers require yearly servicing to keep them running in their optimum state. Each heating system should have an inhibitor or water treatment each year at the correct dosage. A carbon-monoxide detector is highly recommended for all houses containing a gas…
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Water Treatment


Water Treatment & Corrosion Prevention Each boiler and heating system is made of iron/steel/copper/brass/plastic/rubber and obviously water. This combination, when in motion and combined with heat, can create various reactions in the system. These reactions require regular attention. The main…
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