Gas Safety Certificates

Landlords have a legal requirement to carry out an annual inspection on all of their properties which utilise gas, to ensure that all gas appliances installed within the property are maintained in a safe condition.

We offer a comprehensive inspection service in order to help landlords fulfil the legal requirements of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations (NI) 2004. Should you wish to avail of our services, we will confirm the safe and efficient use of your gas systems by carrying out an inspection in line with the requirements of regulation 36 “Duties of Landlords.”

Stockbridge Boilers will carry out the required inspection and service on all of the gas appliances and issue the Landlords safety inspection certificate. It is essential that any existing tenant or new tenant is given this certificate. Landlords must keep a copy of their certificate for a minimum of two years.

If we find that we need to carry out any repairs within the property or advise on any safety related issues, permission will be gained from the Landlord or property agent, so that we can record that remedial action has been taken, and that the premises and the appliances are safe for the tenant to use.

Stockbridge Boilers is able to deal with all your Gas Safety Certificate requirements - both doing the necessary inspection and issuing the certificates.

Gas Safety Checks are designed to provide peace of mind to the user and owner of the gas appliance as to the safe use of the appliance for the next twelve months.

It is currently UK law for every landlord to have the checks carried out and a certificate of Gas Safety supplied every 12 months in a domestic or commercial situation. This includes every gas appliance in each property. This most commonly includes boilers, cookers and gas fires (fire-places).
A thorough check is carried out following a specific checklist and each point is given a pass or fail. And then the checklist is given to the landlord.
If it is a full pass then very good.

Sometimes the appliance is not quite up to current standards and needs rectifying as soon as possible.
However, at times the appliance can be found to be unsafe for use. This would then be made safe, turned off and a warning sticker applied to the appliance and the owner notified clearly.

In all cases possible the fault or issue will be visually shown to the landlord or tenant.

A quote will be supplied to rectify or replace said issue or appliance as needed.

A Landlord Gas Safety Check includes:

  • Gas soundness test to the complete system from the meter control valve up to and including all appliances within the property.
  • Visual inspection of exposed pipework to all appliances.
  • Visual inspection, smoke and spillage test of flue (as appropriate).
  • Boiler efficiency check including analysis of the flue products to ensure that they are within tolerances and adjustment as necessary.
  • Checking the operation of safety devices and adjusting as necessary.
  • Checking the operating pressures and adjusting as necessary.
  • Assessment of ventilation.
  • Completion of report and provision of same to landlord to allow compliance with regulation 36(5)a (28-day reporting to tenant).